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We can supply various holders for mounting GPS and PDAs on Cars, Enduros and Mountain Bikes.

The brackets are made of a tough durable material that can withstand all weathers and is virtually indestructible.

Holders, Mounts and Brackets have been tried, tested and developed in the desert and in
race conditions and are now for sale to the public.

Attachment is quick, easy and reliable.

The mounting of the bracket is quite easy and is fastened by screws from high-grade steel (supplied).

The mounting can incorperate the power / interface plug.

The mount provides a secure retaining lock that holds the GPS in place even if you have a heavy fall.

The mounts are available in black colour (some in white).

Fixings for the handlebars are available in different diameters, please specify when ordering
 state either the circumference or better the diameter.

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